• Handicap Accessibility

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    Handicapped Accessibility

    Growing older does not mean that you or your loved ones need to lose their independence. It does, however, mean that you should plan for their safety. Below is a partial list of things that we do to help with that safety.

    • Install grab bars
    • Install hand rails
    • Install smoke detectors
    • Install high traction surfaces
    • Wheelchair accessible ramps
    Falls among adults 65 and older are very common, can be very costly, and in most cases are preventable. Falls among the elderly are one of the leading causes of fatal and nonfatal injuries. According to the CDC in the United States, about one in four adults age 65 and older (28%), report falling every year.
    Shoring up handrails on steps leading into a house can really help when someone has backpain or is a little less steady when coming into the house or up a flight of stairs. We can provide sturdy grip rails
    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest - Accessibility for the Handicapped

    Installing hand rails or grab bars in a bathing area (bath tub or shower) can reduce the amount of accidental falls in the bathroom. Seventy-eight percent of elderly who have grab bars installed in the bathroom reportedly use them even though the initially thought it was unnecessary.


    Home fires are also an issue with not only the elderly but all of us since many of us are now working more from home. Cooking more at home leads to more fires in the home so smoke detectors are more important than ever. If your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are not up to date, we can remedy that quickly. We will gladly test and replace any fire/smoke detector as needed.


    Most homes are not really accessible when it comes to wheel chairs. They usually have two or three steps to get into the house. Unless a home was designed specifically to handle a wheel chair bound person, it is a real challenge for that individual. We can design and build wheel chair accessibility ramps for your home.


    If you've thought about the safety of your aging parents, don't put off getting these things done. That is one regret that you do not want to face. Call us today and get a quote.