• Electrical

    Install, Replace or Repair Service List

    This list is not an all inclusive list. Below is a list of typical job services that we provide. If you don't see what you are looking for, we most likely can handle it. Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs.


    Typical Electrical Work
    • Add an outlet
    • Attic fan installation
    • Ceiling fan installation
    • Can light installation
    • Install pendulum lights
    • Range hood installation
    • Garage door opener installation
    • GFI outlet installation
    • Security camera installation
    • Repair/replace an outlet
    • Repair/replace a switch
    • Replace flood lights over garage
    • Low voltage lighting
    • Cable installation
    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest - Install, Replace or Repair Electrical Service

    We are trained professionals that can safely work around electrical circuits and make sure that any installation is done right. You will never worry about the safety of any electrical job that we perform.


    Some services require a licensed electrician. If that is the case, we will advise you on this and coordinate with one of our partner electricians. You want to only pay the rate for an electrician for those things that require an electrician. For many services we can do much of your maintenance needs such as replacement of a switch or door bell or light fixtures, saving you much of the cost. Calling us can save you by using a collaborative approach if needed.


    Have a flood light above your garage that is out? Don't have a ladder to get to it? We do, just call us, we can take care of it, probably today!


    In some cases we can even fix an appliance, keeping you from spending your money on a replacement. Before you throw it out, let us check into it.