• Plumbing

    #1 in Plumbing Repair or Replacement


    We can handle your plumbing needs from clogged drains to leaky faucets. Below is a partial list of plumbing services that we offer.


    Typical Plumbing Services
    • Repair leaky pipes
    • Faucet installation/repair
    • Garbage disposal install/repair
    • Unclog sinks
    • Toilet repair
    • Toilet replacement
    • Water heater installation
    A leaky drain pipe can end up costing you much more if you do not fix it quickly. If you have a drain that is leaking under your sink it can eventually end up rotting out the cabinet bottom and mold could also begin to grow. Get it fixed now!
    Got a faucet that is dripping all night long? We can fix it with a faucet repair kit. Get a free quote today!
    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest - Plumbing Repair or Replacement Experts

    Is your toilet running at all hours? It may be time to replace the flushing mechanism. Or, is it time for a completely new toilet? Don't like the pink one anymore? We can replace just the parts that are needed or the whole toilet.


    No hot water? It may be a burned out heating element in your hot water heater. We can replace the faulty element and have you back in business quickly. Maybe it's something more. We can also change out your hot water heater faster than you think!


    Is your garbage disposal jammed and not working? We have the know-how and the tools to be able to clear up the jam and get it working smoothly. Give us a call today to handle your plumbing needs.