• Exterior

    Your Exterior Jobs Done Right by H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest

    Exterior maintenance of your home is an ongoing chore due to the weather. You may have water damage around windows or under your eaves. Caulking dries out and cracks due to the heating and cooling that your home experiences throughout the year.


    Typical Exterior Maintenance List
    • Security camera installation
    • Door repair/replacement
    • Door lock installation
    • Door hardware replacement
    • Painting
    • Gutter cleaning/repair
    • Siding replacement
    • Rotten soffit repair
    • Weather stripping/caulking
    • Outdoor lighting installation/repair
    • Stair rail installation/repair
    • Deck staining/sealing
    • Garage ceiling rack installation
    • Pet Door installation
    • Handicapped accessible ramps
    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest - Exterior Maintenance for your home

    Many of the items on the list above deal with safety issues. When it comes to safety, make sure it is done right. Adding a handicapped accessible ramp to your home may help a loved one maintain their independence. Adding a security camera might deter a thief from targeting your home. Install new locks and repair doors for greater security. Installing outdoor lighting or replacing light bulbs in high places are chores that can be taken care of quickly and provides you with a more secure environment.


    Aside from safety and security, there are many other yearly up-keep jobs that need to be handled. We can handle those things like cleaning and repairing gutters, adding weather stripping around doors and windows, staining and/or sealing your deck or wooden stairs, siding replacement and replacing rotting soffit boards. We can also add a pet access door or garage ceiling racks for storage.