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    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest is Your Hometown Handyman!

    Wake Forest is a town mainly located at the top (North) side of Wake county, North Carolina. It is now growing into Franklin and Granville counties. It has grown in population from 12,600 in 2000 to an estimated 47,600 in 2020! The town is listed in Forbes magazine as the 20th fastest growing town in America. Wake Forest was the original home to Wake Forest University for 122 years until the university moved to Winston-Salem in 1956. Wake Forest is now home to the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS).


    Wake Forest enjoys a moderate climate with moderate temperatures in the Spring, Fall and Winter. Summers are HOT and humid. Nearby Falls Lake provides a place to relax and enjoy the water and the surrounding nature.


    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest is proud to be part of the Wake Forest community and we are here to serve the community and surrounding areas. Whether you are new to the area or a native, we ask that you consider our local services whenever you may need them. We want to be your "go-to" choice when you need professional handyman services at affordable prices.


    Handyman Services 


    Would you like to freshen up your living room? Add some can lighting to accent your fireplace or wall art. Is your ceiling fan in the bedroom wobbly? We can fix it or replace it. If you need an extra outlet or a light switch replaced, just give us a call! Low voltage lighting would dress up your landscaping and give your house new curb appeal.

    H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest - We're Your Go-To Handyman Contractor

    Faucet seals wear out, toilet valves begin to leak. A cold snap can freeze pipes and cause them to burst. Water heater elements fail and sometimes, the water heater inner chamber can crack and leak. Your garbage disposal locks up or the drain line becomes clogged and yucky water backs up into your sink or tub. Whatever the plumbing issue is, we are here to help resolve it.



    Each room in your home reflects how you live. If yours is not saying what you would like about you, let's make a plan to enhance your surroundings. Sometimes it's just adding storage or using the storage you have more effectively. Adding cabinets in the laundry might allow you to use the space better. Reconfiguring a closet by using a closet organizer might give you more space for your wardrobe. Adding shelves in the attic or garage might eliminate clutter in your "junk" room. Accidents can happen and you may have a hole in your drywall or sheetrock. Whatever the issues are, we (you can H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest) can devise a plan to tackle those issues.


    Handicapped Accessibility

    Are you or a loved one getting older and may not be as steady as you once were? Adding a grab bar or hand rail in the appropriate location might allow them to still be independent and safe at the same time. Also, adding CO (carbon monoxide) and smoke detectors is a good idea. If needed we can build a wheelchair accessible ramp.



    Exterior components of your home are subject to extreme weather conditions - cold in the winter and HEAT in the summer. Caulking around windows and doors dry out and crack. Let us check to see if we can save you some money on heating and air conditioning bills by sealing up those cracks. Additionally, we can repair, prime and paint over those places that have been exposed to the wind, rain and sun.



    Thank you for making H2 Handyman Services of Wake Forest your "go-to" service in Wake Forest. Please keep up with our latest by checking out our Facebook page. If we can be of service to you, please contact us by phone or using the form on the Contact Us page.